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Sound Boost : Increase the volume of your Android device

Sometimes, I listen to audio podcasts in the subway. But with all the noise around me, it’s not easy to hear the talk, and I missed most of it, despite the volume is set to the max. Some applications were already available on the Android Market to push the volume above the limit, but they aren’t free. I had two choices : pay a few cents, or develop my own application. As this solution was cleary simple, I choosed to do it on my own, so I can also offer a free application for everyone, then become rich and famous.

A few hours where necessary to find the miracle solution, then a few more hours to adjust the details, and finally a few days to create an ugly but decent icon with Inkscape (I’m a developer, not a graphist), and here is Sound Boost, available on the Android Market. A simple and lightweight application to increase the volume from any audio application on the phone when a wired headset is plugged.

Sadly, managing the sound is very device dependant, so Sound Boost can’t work, and probably never will, on every available device. For example, on a Galaxy S2, the sound is decreased. Quite anoying, isn’t it ? I’ll try to maintain a list of compatible devices to let you know if it worth downloading 20 ko. Any help would be very appreciated !

  • HTC Desire : OK
  • HTC Desire S : OK
  • HTC Desire Z : OK
  • HTC Incredible 2 : OK
  • HTC Inspire 4G : OK
  • LG 990 Optimus Speed : OK
  • Motorola Droid Bionic : OK
  • Samsung Nexus S : OK

  • HTC Evo 3D : Very little boost
  • HTC Legend : Very little boost
  • HTC Wildfire S : Very little boost
  • Samsung Galaxy Spica : Very little boost
  • Asus EEEPad Transformer : No more sound
  • HTC Amaze 4G : No difference
  • HTC Thunderbolt : No difference
  • LG Optimus One : Sound decreased
  • Motorola Atrix : No more sound
  • Motorola Citrus : No difference
  • Samsung Galaxy S : No difference
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 : Sound decreased
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ : No difference
  • Samsung Vitality : No difference
  • Sanio Zio : Sound decreased